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The following images can be seen through people who have an 'owner' role in People who are not 'owners' will not have permission to see all menu items or dashboards. This is the same as in the other Interface.

1. The dashboard

Previously we called this item the 'cockpit'. You will get a quick overview of the amount of jobs that are live, are bing advertised, what the current results are and how many mediabudget you have left.
There are several lines which will tell you the amount of clicks, applicants, spent, conversion, eCPC and eCPA.

When scrolling down on this page you can also see some of the jobs that are in the system. Above the 'Remaining media budget' you can select the date range from which you want to see the data.

2. Jobs

In this menu item you will find all the jobs that we have imported from your XML feed, through our scraping service or are added manually by one of your team members.
You can now easily filter the jobs you are looking for through the filter field. Also the date of the added job is more accurate and you can see directly if the job had clicks or applications.

3. Campaigns

In the campaign menu you will now, automatically, see active campaigns only. If you want to see your paused or closed campaigns, simply remove the 'ACTIVE' filter and see all campaigns ever created. Here, you will now also see when the campaign was created and what the results are. By clicking on the pencil, you can edit the campaign easily.

While editing or creating a campaign, we got rid of the non important or broken fields that where still available in the old UI. All the campaigns can be installed on manual cpc or with one of our algorithms. The daily stopper is removed as well.

You can now also select from many filters to select the jobs you need for the campaign. Within the campaign you can also switch to the channels and reports.

4. Reports

We have expanded the reports to give you more data and information.

The graph from the dashboard is presented first. When you scroll down, you will see the data of the jobs, campaigns and channels.

In this graph you will see the data per job. This graph will show 10 jobs automatically. At the right end you can select how many jobs you want to see within the graph. 
With the upper right icon (the 'book' icon) you can select or deselect filter items.

Below the information about the jobs, the campaign data is shown.

At last the information of the performed channels.

5. Channels

In this menu item you can find all jobboards or channels which are active on the account. If you have jobs open in multiple countries, there will be more channels. You can also see what type of promotion the jobboard is offering. Organic or paid.

If you are an admin, you can pause channels. We would not recommend doing this without the approval of one of our Campaign Managers. If you have questions regarding channels, please get in contact with us.

6. Settings

Here you will find all the information about your account. Find your organization information, who's in your team, application settings, feed, pixel, UTM, tag and target information.

7. Finance

All the financial information can be found here. It is also possible to select another payment method if desired.

8. Support

Quickly need some help or answers? Find all our articles in the support menu item. Need more help? Feel free to call us or send us an email at


On the bottom left side of the UI you can find the settings for your account, mostly personal preferences and information. Edit your personal information, preferences or language.
Here you can also create an applicant data export in CSV or JSON.

Let's get started!

Just as excited about the new UI as we are? We aim for the best quality data and service. Our Campaign Managers will help you get to know the new UI even better.
Do you have comments or feedback? We are happy to hear them! Please send your remarks to, preferably with screenshots or desired features.

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