How does JobBoostio spend the media budget?

You decide how the media budget is spent with the JobBoostio tooling. You can choose a budget on a single “boost” or you can choose a budget for your campaign (bundle of job ads). See this example (click image to enlarge);

By changing the e.g. cost per click price you can decide how much you would like to spend on a click. This will determine your ranking on a certain job board.

You can also manually (or let us do that for you) change the cpc per job boards that’s active for a certain ad campaign. See this example (click image to enlarge);

You can de-active job boards or overwrite the main cpc on a job board level. This is how you can steer the budget.

Optional you could activate a “strategy” and let the JobBoostio algorithm do all the hard work for you. Contact support for more information.

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