How to automatically add your jobs to JobBoostio [XML Feed]


If you have many jobs to advertise it becomes quite a cumbersome task to manually add jobs to the JobBoostio application. It’s easier to add the jobs automatically from your career page / ATS. This would also enable you to do more “programmatic” options e.g. pausing a job ad automatically when it’s not available anymore on your career page or ATS.


There are multiple ways to add jobs to the JobBoostio application;

  • Manual input - click the “add job” button and fill in all the needed information
  • Scraper - optional we have a scraper option (additional cost may apply). A “robot” visits your site and “scrapes” your job content and adds this information to the JobBoostio application. Note: A scraper is less favorable to an XML or API connection.
  • Job XML feed - a feed is more reliable than a scraper. Also, you’re able to send extra content with your job content so that we can even further automate with JobBoostio. E.g. you can add custom “categories”.
  • (API - soon)


Although it is favorable to use a feed build for JobBoostio we can also work with feeds for or from:

  • Indeed
  • Otys
  • Recruitee

Technical documentation JobBoostio XML feed

General Notes

  • Well-formed XML: The XML provided for inclusion must be a well structured and valid XML document. Many freely available tools provide XML validation.
  • File encoding: Data encoded in Unicode is highly preferable. Declaring the encoding of the content data in the XML declaration is also highly preferable.
  • CDATA: only accepts XML files with CDATA sections.

XML Tags

XML tag Type Note(s) Mondatory
title String (max 100) Job title. This should be an actual job title and should not include a location, salary, ID number or any keywords e.g. help wanted, urgent etc. as this will impact search relevancy when users are looking for your jobs. Yes
description String (max 200) Description of the job. Any inappropriate content will be removed. Yes
text Text Full text of the job. Any inappropriate content will be removed. Yes
date_from String Start date for the job. The format used: "D, d m Y H:i:s T". No
date_till String End date for the job. The format used: "D, d m Y H:i:s T". No
referencenumber String Unique identifier of the job from the original. Yes
company String The employer for the job ad. Recruitment agencies or job site names should not be included. Yes
country_code String Country of the job (Official ISO Country Codes, example: "NL"). Yes
city String Location of the job. Yes
url String URL of the job from the original site, this must be a unique URL directing the user to a job description with the ability to apply online for the job. Tracking parameters (e.g. utm_source=jobboost) can be included in the original XML or requested to be appended by Yes
budget float Select the amount of media-budget for the boost campaign. This type works only for clients who pay per click. No
max_cpc float Set a cpc price in € No
segment array Segment your job for: education, job type, contract type and category. See which segments are available in the table below. No


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
            <![CDATA[ Data scientist ]]>
                We are looking to hire a Data Scientist with 2 – 5 years experience in analytics with a strong <br>		business sense and a deep understanding and experience in analytics.
		Job text comes here - *** use HTML ***
            <![CDATA[ Thu, 20 05 2021 00:00:00 CEST ]]>
            <![CDATA[ Sat, 19 06 2021 23:59:59 CEST ]]>
            <![CDATA[ pLxWvp7Z ]]>
            <![CDATA[ ]]>
            <![CDATA[ NL ]]>
            <![CDATA[ Breda ]]>
            <![CDATA[ 15.0000 ]]>
            <![CDATA[ 0.25 ]]>

Note: You can add extra categories to your feed. E.g. custom job groups, automatic ad activation setting, etc. Please contact support for additional information. Additional fees may apply.


Key Type Value
13 CAREER Student
14 CAREER Starter
15 CAREER Experienced
16 CAREER Manager
17 CAREER Executive
18 CAREER Senior executive
19 CATEGORY Accounting / Financial
20 CATEGORY Administrative / Secretarial
21 CATEGORY Real Estate / Bank
22 CATEGORY Research (R&D) / Science
23 CATEGORY Construction
24 CATEGORY Management / Business
25 CATEGORY Creative / Design
26 CATEGORY Customer service
27 CATEGORY catering
28 CATEGORY Editorial / Journalism
29 CATEGORY Education / Training
30 CATEGORY Technical
31 CATEGORY Human Resources / HRM
32 CATEGORY Installation / Maintenance / Repair
33 CATEGORY IT / Software Development
35 CATEGORY Logistics / Transport / Purchasing
36 CATEGORY Production / Manufacture
37 CATEGORY Marketing / Product
38 CATEGORY Healthcare
39 CATEGORY Others
40 CATEGORY Project management
41 CATEGORY Quality Control / Safety
42 CATEGORY Sales / Account management
43 CATEGORY Safety / Security
6 CONTRACT Full time
7 CONTRACT Part time
8 CONTRACT Per day / hour
9 CONTRACT Regular work
10 CONTRACT Temporary job
11 CONTRACT Internship
12 CONTRACT Seasonal work
1 EDUCATION No education
2 EDUCATION secondary vocational education
3 EDUCATION Bachelor
5 EDUCATION Professional / Phd

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