Why more or less spend than the stopper (day) budget?


You’ve entered an indication of the maximum budget on a single job boost or on a campaign (bundle of jobs) with the option to set a maximum day budget. But now reports show you that you’ve spent more or less than your advertising settings.


By entering advertising variables to the JobBoostio application it’s possible to automatically steer campaigns. To understand why reaching budget goals is difficult and why this sometimes is not spot on you must understand how the application works.

In contrast to e.g. a Google Ads or Facebook system the JobBoostio application does not leverage one channel / system but multiple channels (job boards). Therefore changes in your job ad and or advertising variables are not real time.

Because of “lag time” between a change in the JobBoostio application and before the channel has adapted this change, it might take up to a few hours.

To keep control on budget the JobBoostio application has a smart algorithm that tries to estimate when to pause an ad for a certain channel just in time to reach your advertising settings. You’ll know when the algorithm is “braking” when you see the status “braking”.

Therefore sometimes your campaign will pauze just before or just after your advertising setting.

Also there are factors that might affect the algorithm. E.g. when there is an unexpected increase of inflow of traffic from a certain channel.


To give the algorithm a chance of doing a correct prediction you can make sure that:

→ Your budget allocation is in line with the amount of jobs.

Just imagine you’ve got 500 jobs with a (daily) budget of euro 100 and you’re bidding euro 0,20 per click on 15 job boards. That means that in theory your budget could be spent in a very short period of time. It could go so fast that even with a smart algorithm it goes so fast that because of the lag time in updating the channels you will overspent.

This is the reason why the JobBoostio application won’t let you start a single boost for less than euro 10,- or a campaign for less than euro 100,-.

As a rule of thumb you could say you need a minimum budget of euro 10,- per job.

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