Indeed guidelines for job text


If you want to leverage the inventory of the Indeed platform (organic or paid traffic), you’ll need to adhere to the Indeed guidelines. If you don’t, there is a big change your jobs will not be added to the Indeed job index. 


You can find all the Indeed guidelines for placing jobs on their platform right here

These guidelines actually speak for themselves. A short summary:

  • Only place ads for jobs. So, e.g. not for multi-level marketing, franchise or education.
  • Accurate information. No deceptive or misleading text.
  • Complete text. Make sure you put in all the needed information. Rule of thumb, what you have on your own career page, should be on Indeed as well.
  • Only post if you have authorization.
  • No fees for job seekers. You can not charge job seekers for an application. Yeah duh!
  • Well written titles and description.
  • No offensive content. No vulgar or discriminative content allowed like e.g. sexual, derogatory, etc. Job seekers should be evaluated based on their skills and experience rather than factors that do not affect their ability to successfully perform the functions of the job they’re applying to.

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