How to add a JobBoostio measurement pixel


To make optimal use of the JobBoostio tooling you want to add a measurement pixel related to your account on your career page. With this “pixel” the tool is able to measure completed applications on your careersite or ATS. When measuring this KPI, you’re able to see the effectiveness of your ads, what their average cost per application is, and the quality of your bought traffic per media channel.


In your JobBoostio account go to settings and then to tracking. Here you can create your tracking token. Copy the public key and paste it into the image script (see blow). Now make sure the image script is triggered on (important!) the “application thank you page” (the page or message people see when they finished their application on your career page / ATS).

Once the measurement pixel is placed, it will communicate with the JobBoostio tooling every time someone sees this page. The tooling will now check and match this “hit” so you can see in reporting which job, media channel and spend applies to this application.

JobBoostio tracking complies with the GDPR legislation. See privacy documentation for more information.

Google Tag manager

If you’re using Google tag manager (or other tag manager) on your career page / ATS you don’t have to go into the code to place the tracking pixel. Now add the image script in a container and make sure it is (only!) triggered on the “application thank you page”.

Image script

Below you’ll find the image script. Copy and paste your public key on the “your public key here”. Make sure there are no spaces between the slashes. Now copy and paste the complete image script from “< img … to … />”. In the code or tag manager container.

<img src="" width="1" height="1" /><br>

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